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hello? June 7, 2009

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anybody here? its meh cookie2810 and i was just bored so i decided to get on wordpress and now im looking at this site and typing and not knowing what to type becuz it has been such a long time!

WELL i am back and if any comments then i will start to give news again!!!!



News News and News! December 10, 2008

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Hey, sorry long time no type!

Anyway lots of new stuff. The DS game came out a while ago and if you have it you can find a code in the case!
When you enter it you can go into the closet (its actually a secret HQ) and you get a certificate, 1500 coins, and

 you become an agent if you aren’t already one. Also they have released a sneak peek of the upcoming Christmas 

Party! Yip!!!! Anyway here it is— 

Whoops! O dear it seems that my computer is being stubborn again and won’t let me upload the picture!!! Darn

Ok well anyway I’ll try later. — Next! For the blog on Club Penguin , the “What’s New” Blog, Happy 77 who has

been in Club Penguin for a long time will be on the Club penguin blog, and also Screen hog. Screen Hog has posted 

before but they mean he will be posting more! Yip again!!!!  — Neeeext! New Club Penguin toys!

There will be a Penguin dressed as……

  • Santa Penguin!


  • Elf Penguin!


Well, that is all for now!!!! Enjoy the virtual snow XD




Servers! November 24, 2008

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Hey Cookie here and BTW I haven’t been on Club Penguin today or this week that much… But it usaully works in the mornings….

Because of the servers! Let me tell you I tried my nonmember , kookie2810 and icycool28, about 5 times! and I tried cookie about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times! Phew  anyway just so you don’t forget something I shall make it in large writing and colorful too….-


Club Penguin On The DS Comes Out TUESDAY!



I reserved it so- YIPEE FOR MEH! Anyways I totally love  Club penguin so my parents hate when I’m on the computer 24/7… SO they made a rule, 1 hour a day of  computer, and on weekend days its 2 hours!

Sucky, EH?! Well when it comes out on DS I will play my DS 24/7 instead! Then they will get mad… so! I will play my computer…. when they say ,” GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND NO DS!” I will simply say “ok” and watch Tv or play my Wii! XD


-The Computer Nerd- (lol jk)


New Catylog and Stage play! November 22, 2008

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Ok well new play at the stage.. and new catalog. I haven’t seen the catalo yet because the sever is messed up and I totally forgot, so this morning I only saw the play! The play is really quite fascinating.

It’s about a story teller named Twee and she tells this funky story here are the charachters- 

    The Prince In Red (Who isn’t so fond of the color red)

    The grumpy princess- Grump- something (I forgot XD)

    The Big Bad Wool (a sheep who is quite hungry)

Well those are the funky charachters.

Even though I didn’t see the catalog  my dear friend , milez, has provided this info.

  1. Clicky the guitar stand for the music stand
  2. Clicky the control terminal for the welcome mat
  3. And den clicky da Christmas ribbon for the leaning tree!


Well The Pin Is On The Side Of The Lighthouse At The Beach!





P.S. Hope your Computer works!

Guess Who?! November 17, 2008

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Hey Cookie Here! Yez it’s me! MEE! ME!!!! Oh umm sorry!  Anyways! The geta sandals are on the dojo courtyard! And– 

discovery! DISCOVERY MAN! YEZ YEZZZ! Ok so every
 like 5 minutes 
go to the plaza and WAAP! There is
 a ninja
who jumps down... It might not work anymore... 
IDK! When I spotted
 it was at 2:10 pm On half pipe
 then at
2:15 pm. YUPPERS! Well I will be posting more 


LATER! cya!



Club Penguin! November 14, 2008

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Haii x

I dont go on CP so much now but ill still update

I normally go on habbo

Anywayz, the Dojo got covered in snow and now its like a courtyard thingy

Also, coins for change is coming back again! 🙂

Also that CP game is coming out on DS soon 🙂

Also theres a new newspaper

BTW- Ill only be posting on Tuesdays and Fridays (If that!!!!!) Im rli busy right now so soz for any inconvenience/Late posting 🙂




Cookie-hey! I’m baaack!

Hiiii x November 14, 2008

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hiiii i am soooooooooooooooooooooooo soz i havent posted

1stly Bye cookie

2nd I lost my pass wich is why i didnt post

Oh and cookie, ur always admin here, but i accept ur resignation 🙂


Sorry! October 22, 2008

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Hey cookie here… I’m sorry to say that I- I can’t do this blog anymore-

I’m very sorry! I just have been super busy and stuff so I’m not able to post. I barely made time for THIS post!Plz forgive me!!!! I might, possibly, maybe, be able to post every now and then but probally not. With school, extra homework (i’m trying to avoid detention) , and other things I just have a super busy list..


Over and out (for the last time)

Cookie28100                                                                                                                                                        P.S. I won’t forget you!                                                                                                                                        P.S.S. Kimba I left you a cookie! (tehe)

New pin and Play at the Stage October 10, 2008

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Hey cookie here! Today a new pin 

Located in the sport shop on the pink surfboard

came out. A new play too! It’s the sequel to the First space mission thing.. Its……………….

hehe cool huh?
anyways go enjoy the show!
Cookie  28100
P.S. i like to say 
B O O M ! ! ! !     HULK  SMASH ! ! ! !



BOOM! New mission+ STUPID COMPUTER!!!! October 6, 2008

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Ok hey! Sorry I haven’t been posting for a while… my computer  was having a hissy fit, so i unplugged it (hehe) Anyway BOOM just like that a new mission! Weird, eh????!?!?!?!? WELL EH!?!?



So go have fun and complete that mission like you where born too!  I  WAS born to finish that mission soo….. Later! Oh before I go– These are catalog secrets–

  • Click the pumpkin on the 1st page for viking helmet. Clicky few more times until blue helmet comes up
  • click the yellow puffle on the 1st page for THE GOLD VIKING HELMET! IT RETURNED HURRAY!
  • the lantern on the ghost and skeleton page
  • blah blah

oh sorry i got bored


Cookie BOOM 28100


Halloween Wig -WICKED- October 2, 2008

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Hehe new wig coming this friday!! Looky—-

I think it looks -WICKED- cool… maybe u think it’s -WICKED- bad but i don’t care!

It looks a lil’ like frankenstein~something..

Before I go here are some things im hoping are coming back.. cuz maybe u wern’t here last year and didn’t see the awesome costumes, well here they are!—–

  • Skeleton costume
  • Ghost costume
  • Bee outfit (cuute)
  • Fairy outfit
  • and~~ Princess

My fav is the ghost and the skeleeton!

Well later! Time for candy then off to bed… cya—


Heyyah cookie September 30, 2008

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u sed u wanted my email cAUSE u need to talk to me, well ya see, call me weird/paranoid/ watever

i dont giv my email out to strangers just in case, wel ya no

bt if u go to this place>>>>> http://flash.bribble.com/group.html?port=35374 on friday around 5pm english time XD

it should be empty and u can talk to me then XD

soz for calling u a he if i did =P


Cookie~ Ok it’s k! And i totally understand, why don’t u meet me like say… tomorrow (wensday) at 5:30? If not tell me another time- thnx!  Oh sorry just tell me a time!